Offering Dough For the memorial services “for the people”

“The Dough for the altar holy eucharist is only of what well mentioned in videos , but just water, flour and yeast.”


Holy bread recipe :-
In the mixer
add 1 kg plain flour&4 tsp dry active yeast
Mix them together.
Add 3 cups warm water (750 ml )
Mix until you get a very soft dough .
Take dough out and shape onto a roll .
Dived it into 15 -16 equal pieces .
Shape each into a small ball .
Put flour on your working surface and leave the dough balls to rest .
Get the first one rested dust it lightly and the stamp with flour .
stamp it and repeat the same step with the remaining balls.
Put them in oven’s trays.
Leave enough space between each
Cover &keep them in warm place or -in oven just turn the light ,fan &on lowest temperature on-.
Leave them till they rise and double in size .
Preheat oven to 180-200 C for 10-15 minute.
Make 5 holes .
Spray them all with water to bring out a nice brown colour during baking them .
Bake each tray for 25 minutes or till it gets nice golden brown .
Brush away any extra flour from them .
Then serve it .

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