Category: Eastern Spirituality

Lenten Reflection: St. John Climacus on Repentance
At this season of Lent as we focus on spiritual renewal with repentance, prayer, fasting, and works of mercy, the teachings of St John Climacus (c.579-649), commonly known as “John [...]
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The History & Symbolism of Iconography
The History & Symbolism of Iconography ICONOGRAPHY IS THE ORIGINAL TRADITION of Christian sacred art and has been an integral part of the worship and mystical life of Christians since [...]
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Communal and Private Dimensions
As members of God’s family, we belong to one another, and so we live an active Community Life as Church. Most importantly, we join one another in worship. Our style [...]
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Eastern Church Tradition
General Consideration Generally speaking, the term ‘tradition’, parádosis in Greek, implies an act of “giving, offering, delivering, and performing charity.”[1] Theologically, it denotes any “teaching or practice transmitted throughout the [...]
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Repentance as a Sacrament
In the Mystery of Repentance we, first, carefully prepare ourselves. We go to the priest to rid ourselves of the garbage we have accumulated to free our souls of the [...]
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Repentance – Main Means for Our Perfection
“The fear of God, sustained by the consciousness of a sinful life, leads both to repentance for past sins, and to the avoidance, by self-control of future ones.” What is [...]
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Fear of God is Next Step
“With progress, faith becomes the fear of God”   Fr. Dimitru Staniloae Ponder this point––It is important: Faith isn’t born of fear of God. Fear of God develops from faith. [...]
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Faith: The Starting Point to Perfection
Is it enough to develop self-control?  Why do the Church fathers put such emphasis on Faith?  Why do Christians see limitations in the Buddhist and Hindu practices of meditation and [...]
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Deification – The Uncreated Light
Deification is an enhypostatic* and direct illumination which has no beginning but appears in those worthy as something exceeding their comprehension.  It is indeed a mystical union with God, beyond mind [...]
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